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Sorozno, is a Spanish private equity firm with presence in different industries.

The beginnings of Sorozno were dedicated only to provide a service as a consultant for companies wishing to leave our borders in search of new markets. This outsourcing services enabled and allows companies to focus their efforts on developing its core business and get rid of managing non-core business activities, such as export. This need to export the products and services of our customers is printed onSorozno DNA and continue to offer this service.

The great flexibility and experience enables Sorozno  to offer clients a unique business model that extends from hiring a unique service to the possibility of fully manage their export activities. Thus, the client receives advice and service continuously adapted to their needs and therefore optimizes resources and costs.

Over time, the acquisition of new knowledge and the need to expand horizons have made Sorozno open new lines of business: 

Wood Construction www.soroznomadera.es

Distribution and export www.soroznobaltics.com

Purchase licenses and distribution of pharmaceutical products www.vivax.sk




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